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Cheap Single Speed Bikes has grown in popularity but why would someone take to the trails with just one gear and sometimes no suspension with all the cool technology available?

This can be something which must be answered by each person, however you will find definite themes that prevail. At it's heart, single speeding is all about the ride, not the bike. You push harder on the pedals in case you'd like to make it up that hill. You have to pedal faster, end of story to go faster.

To pick the harder way looks some how incorrect of using technology to the modern aesthetic to make things simpler. But that's the point that is essential. Who said mountain biking was supposed to be simple?

We ride for both recreation and also to examine ourselves. This goes for single speeders and geared riders equally. What tests than picking the route that is more difficult, you more?

Take an old frame, if you're into recycling and convert it to single speed. There are particular single speed frames but you may get a taste by carrying out a conversion. It is very economical and as far as bike constructs go, a fun job.

But enough of the spiritual journey which is single speeding. You have plenty of practical reasons to advocate going the way of just one tools.

Lighter weight - shorten your chain and take off derailleurs, chainrings, cassette. That's a great deal of weight.

Inexpensive to preserve - Chains, cogs and chainrings all longer as their is no side. They are more affordable when you do have to replace components.
More reputable - With no chain slack and no side motion to the chain, you are not as likely to break a chain. You do not have derailleurs to screw up. Having just one speed, things just keep working.
Better workout - You whirl the flats and strike hills from the saddle, making to get a complete body workout each single time you ride. Upper body and the heart get as much work as the legs leading to improved total fitness.
And as an added incentive, you're getting tons of notice from other riders. Those who have not ridden a single speed believe it is a lot tougher than it really is, so they see single speeders as mountain bike tough guys (or girls). Because it's difficult and entertaining, I ride just one speed. Every one of the other stuff is for justifying why I do it fantastic. In the event you want a new thrill, give a shot to single speeding. Our Facebook Page.